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Written and Performed by Amanda Gunderson


Money and Politics, Sex and Drugs, Love and Music, 100 Lovers, 52 pairs of high heels, 24 little black dresses, 12 ethnic identities, 8 characters, 1 hour a single actress and a night you’ll never forget:  Trippin’… is Gunderson's comical exploration into the lives, loves, and souls of women through politics, class and culture in Los Angeles. 


Trippin' premiered at the 2004 Edinburgh Fringe Festival at CalArts Venue 13 and in Los Angeles premiere at Stage Space LA in 2005.


Production Team: Scenic and Lighting by Laura Mroczkowski, Sound Design by Jason Ostro, Produced by Nataki Garrett and Laura Mroczkowski


Photo Credit: Nataki Garrett

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