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by Sophie Treadwell

Directed by Nataki Garrett



Sophie Treadwell's 1927 expressionist drama based on the true story of the first woman to be sentenced to death by electrocution at Sing Sing Prison for the brutal murder of her husband was forgotten until revivals in New York and London in the 1990’s.


Blank-the-Dog’s production of Machinal permeates the image of Ruth as the evil “femme fatale” exploring the mechanics choice and isolation.


Featuring: Janai Amey, Shaughn Buckholz, Amanda Gunderson, Dustin Lancaster, Carla Nassy, Marco Neves and Jin Suh



Production Team: Scenic Design by Efren Delgadillo; Lighting Design by Laura Mroczkowski; Sound Design by Vikram Kirby; Composed by T.J. Troy, Costume Design by Rachel Eberhart; Produced by Erin Cass, Nataki Garrett, Laura Mroczkowski


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